Saturday, October 3, 2009

Runner up: Chloe

Now I know I said Balmain was my favorite designer...but I just can't leave behind miss Chloe!!! (and its not just because my mom WAS going to name me Chloe- even though I wish she did) Chloe comes in a close second (if not ties) to Balmain. I just CANNOT get enough of the flowy frocks that glide across the runway. And of course my fall look will be channeling the oversized coats paired with the high-waisted shorts and jumpers.

I used to incorporate lots of color in my wadrobe but lately its been earthy colors like nudes, creams and greens (i.e. Chloe's color trend) which is why I am so in love with her color story. Hannah MacGibbon perfectly pairs the soft materials and nude colors with the feminine bohemian feel of her clothing. I wish I could be a Chloe girl everyday!!! Don't you?

PS...if I ever have a daughter, you bet your behind her name's going to be Chloe

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